1. Overview

  2. How to edit the Obituary Print Template

  3. Design Options

  4. Print Options

  5. Specifications

1. Overview

Editing an Obituary Print Template for your loved one is a simple process on the OBITUARe platform. We take the information that was used to create an online obituary and auto-generate a printable version. In addition to the obituary, you have the option of including sections from the online memorial. Read below for more details!

Example of an Obituary Print Template

2. How to Edit the Obituary Print Template

  1. Log in and go to your user dashboard

  2. Click the blue action button and select "Print"

  3. In the left navigation, select "Obituary"

  4. Make your edits

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the program and click "Print"

Note: All the information that is displayed in the Obituary Print Template originates in the profile under the "Profile Details" section.

3. Design Options

You have 3 different template options:

  1. Traditional

  2. Modern

  3. Military

Each template gives you additional options to customize the:

  1. Featured image border design

  2. Page border design

  3. Background color

  4. Featured image format

4. Print Options

When printing the obituary you will have the option to include the following sections from the online memorial:

  1. Funeral services

  2. Gallery photos

  3. Guest book comments

5. Specifications

The obituary print template will print on single or multiple 8.5" x 11" inch sheets of paper. The number of pages depends on the length of the obituary and the print options you choose.

It can be printed on a single side or front and back. Please check your printer settings for instructions.

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