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Invite collaborators to add their photos of your loved one.

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Once you create an obituary you can easily invite a friend or family member to collaborate with you by adding additional photos they have of your loved one.

When you invite a guest to collaborate, a pre-formatted email with a private link will be sent requesting them to add photos on your behalf.


Collaborators can upload any number of photos (limits will apply based on the obituary plan). Once they complete their upload an email notification will be sent back to you (the obituary owner).

Obituary Owners:

You have to the option to accept or reject any photos that a collaborator uploads.

Important! You must accept a photo before it displays on the obituary page.

How to Invite a Collaborator:

  1. After you're logged in go to your dashboard

  2. Click the blue icon and choose "Edit Obituary"

  3. Navigate to the "Invite Collaborators" link

  4. Enter emails of the collaborators you wish to invite and click "Send Invitation"

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