Print a Service Program Template

Easily print the service program in a few quick steps.

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Printing a Service Program is a standard feature available to all users. To make the process simple we take the information that was used to create an obituary and auto-generate a Service Program (additional information can be added). In one click a PDF is generated which can be printed and kept as a tangible memory of a loved one.

Example of a Printable Service Program


The service program template is intended to print on one 8.5" x 11" inch sheet of paper and then be folded. It must be printed on both the front and backside. Please check your printer settings for instructions on how to print on both sides.

How to Print the Service Program:

  1. After you're logged in, go to your user dashboard

  2. Click the blue action button and select "Print Obituary"

  3. In the left navigation, there will be an option to select "Service Program"

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the program and click "Preview Program"

Here are instructions showing you how to Edit the Service Program.

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