Is support included?

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Yes, support is included!  Although OBITUARe is a self-service platform we want to ensure you have a positive experience. No matter what plan you have, we will support you by:

  1. Providing accurate and helpful responses to your questions

  2. Sharing guides / tutorials to help you navigate the platform

  3. Quickly resolving any issues

The best way to get quick support is to start a chat with us. If you catch us outside of normal business hours we'll respond the next business day. You can also email us anytime at [email protected].

Premium Support:

We would like to know how we can serve you better with a better support model. Please answer this quick survey to help us understand your support needs.

Suggested premium support benefits:

  1. Immediate chat support with extended business hours from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm PST

  2. Hands-on support - A member of our team will complete the obituary and all templates for you based on your needs

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